Our Culture


Davis|Stibor is a boutique law firm created in 2012 by two young, energetic attorneys who share a simple legal philosophy: to provide value, either through successful litigation or a transaction closing. Whether completing a multimillion dollar acquisition or winning a multimillion dollar verdict, our philosophy and culture are at the forefront of our practice.

Litigation Division

Shan Davis heads the firm’s litigation division. Shan has extensive litigation experience in Nevada state courts, and federal courts across the Western United States. He started his career at one of Nevada’s most prestigious boutique litigation firms handling complex commercial litigation cases and appeals. Shan then moved to an AmLaw 100 firm with over 700 attorneys worldwide. Throughout his career, Shan has handled complex cases for clients including T-Mobile, Boyd Gaming, City of Las Vegas, State of Nevada, Lehrer McGovern Bovis, Morris-Shea Bridge Company and CalPortland. Shan also routinely and successfully represents small companies that have been injured by large corporations that are represented by large law firms. Most recently, Shan obtained a rarely granted temporary restraining order on behalf of client Morris-Shea Bridge Company, Inc. in a high stakes trade secret dispute. After obtaining the temporary restraining order preventing a large multinational Spanish contractor from using Morris-Shea’s foundation design, the case settled, saving tens of thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees. Shan also recently represented ID Consulting Solutions, LLC against National Security Technologies, LLC, a multinational defense contractor, in a federal breach of contract action. After six months of litigation, Shan obtained a favorable, confidential settlement on behalf of ID Consulting Solutions. We are not afraid to take on Goliath. Shan’s practice focuses on trade secret and trademark disputes, copyright infringement, construction litigation, securities fraud, commercial breach of contract cases, unfair competition and environmental torts. We also represent consumers who have been seriously injured by large corporations.

davis|stibor’s litigation division has a simple philosophy: settle the dispute early, or prepare to fight hard at trial. Attorneys too often prolong litigation and charge hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees only to settle for an amount that would have been accepted at the beginning of the case. davis|stibor is not a traditional firm, so we do not abide by traditional, antiquated litigation philosophies. Also, unlike most large and midsize firms, davis|stibor keeps its overhead low; therefore we can focus on results, and not charging excessive fees to pay for lavish offices. We pride ourselves on the quality of advocacy we provide to our clients, not the quantity of hours billed.

Transactional Division

Ryan Stibor serves as counsel for the transactional division. Ryan’s transactional experience is vast; he has provided general and corporate counsel legal services to entrepreneurs and emerging growth companies in real estate, technology, media, energy and hospitality sectors for over 10 years. Mr. Stibor has significant experience is advising a broad range of clients from mature companies capturing market share to early stage start-up companies seeking early round capital. Mr. Stibor has counseled entrepreneurs, founders, investors, developers, brokers, small business owners in contract negotiations; content and brand licensing; angel and venture equity financing and institutional debt financing; private placement offerings; mergers, acquisitions and dispositions; employment option plans; intellectual property registration and licensing; business entity formation, structuring and governance, and consumer bankruptcy. He serves as lead counsel for two $35 million, aggregated, private equity commercial real estate funds, focused on the acquisition and financing of commercial real property in the retail and office sectors throughout the Southwest, with a primary focus in Nevada.

Mr. Stibor has negotiated the financing, development and operation of over a half a billion in high-rise real estate projects, start-up companies and media ventures. Davis|Stibor understands and can identify the hurdles that exist in transforming your concepts and ideas into a successful enterprise. Every business needs counsel to advise and guide them through the varying challenges and risks. Our focus is on your objectives, whether collaborating through joint venture, creating synergy through a merger, securing adequate capital or protecting your original content. We understand that the legal documents associated with a transaction are just the means to accomplish your business’s ultimate goal: success.

In addition to meeting the day to day legal needs of our general counsel clients, Davis|Stibor coordinates and manages third party counsel with regard to specialized legal needs – such as tax matters, patent filings, and public securities offerings, to name a few. Depending upon the client’s preference, we manage these matters by using their existing attorneys or by utilizing our vast, preferred network of outside attorneys. These attorneys are seasoned in their fields and provide our clients – in conjunction with our management – excellent services at competitive rates.

Alternative Fee Structures

We understands that the billable hour is not affordable or in the best interest of all clients. We have the flexibility to offer per project fixed fees, subscription fees (for general counsel services), hybrid fee structures (for example, low hourly rates with a contingent payment based on the outcome of the case), litigation contingency fees, volume fee discount (for transactional projects) and equity participation (discretion based upon opportunity and financing round).

davis|stibor believes that the value provided is more important than the number of hours billed. Practicing law is more than a business to generate revenues. Because we truly care for our clients, believe that success is important, and trust our ability to succeed and create value, davis|stibor puts more into a case or transaction than an excessive number of billable hours.

Modern Philosophy

If your company is paying $400 or more per hour for attorney services, it pays too much. davis|stibor does not believe this is wise or necessary. Hailing from large firms and general counsel positions, our attorneys know that that hourly rates are not tied to results. Good results are achieved by attorneys who care about their clients, who are passionate about the law, and who work feverishly to win cases and close transactions.

Many large and mid-size firms employ antiquated billable hour minimum models for all attorneys. These minimums require attorneys to bill from 1,800 to 2,100 hours per year, and are necessary so large and mid-size firms can make enough profits to pay for their large staffs, attorney salaries, attorney bonuses and lavish offices. Unfortunately, these billable hour minimums often times conflict with the client’s interest of settling the case early. When a case is resolved, the billable hour minimum is threatened. Resolution favors the client, but threatens the firm’s profits.

davis|stibor does not adhere to a billable hour minimum model. We charge lower hourly rates, and achieve the same results as our big law counterparts. In addition, because we are not enslaved by costly overhead, we can offer our clients negotiated rates, fixed, hybrid and contingent fee structures. We also embrace technology and understand the role that intellectual property plays in every business. We are motivated to be more efficient and effective than traditional law firms and our use of better technology and processes removes the unnecessary duplication and the inefficiencies that frustrate clients.

This is the competitive advantage davis|stibor provides to you and your business.