davis|stibor Attorney Shan Davis Speaks with the Nevada Policy Research Institute After Reducing Client’s Fine by Over 70%

davis|stibor attorney Shan Davis was retained to represent the Las Vegas Zoo after it was fined $13,500.00 by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”).  In August 2011, OSHA entered the Zoo after receiving a complaint from a disgruntled employee that she felt unsafe when feeding and caring for the animals.  Based on the unfounded complaint, OSHA inspected the premises and fined the Zoo for the alleged illicit use of an extension cord, for using three-prong electrical adapters, for failing to have a lit exit sign over the only door to one of its buildings, and for allegedly not requiring its employees to use personal protective equipment when feeding and caring for the animals.  The OSHA inspector had never worked at a zoo or cared for primates or other animals, and had very minimal electrical training.  It was also discovered that one of OSHA’s primary sources of information, and one of OSHA’s apparent consultants on the case, was People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (“PETA”).  PETA’s website overtly states, “PETA opposes zoos . . .”  After filing motions and negotiating with OSHA officials and attorneys, OSHA reduced the fine by more than 70%, and did not require the Zoo to admit any liability for the questionable citations.  

Afterwards, Mr. Davis spoke with the Nevada Policy Research Institute about how unnecessary government intervention hurts Nevada’s small businesses.  Mr. Davis’ interveiw can be accessed here:  Shan Davis’ Interview with the Nevada Policy Research Institute


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