Davis|Stibor Obtains Complete Dismissal for America’s Fastest Growing Real Estate Company

Davis|Stibor is a small firm that packs a big punch.  Davis|Stibor was retained to represent America’s fastest growing real estate company against a complaint asserting eleven (11) causes of action that included allegations of fraud, civil conspiracy, breach of fiduciary duty, negligence, and sought punitive damages because one of its agents allegedly mismanaged, and then fraudulently transferred the plaintiff’s real property to a company owned by the agent.  The complaint sought hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages from Davis|Stibor’s client.  After receiving the case, Davis|Stibor filed a Motion to Dismiss on behalf of its client seeking to dismiss all eleven causes of action asserted against its client.  After reading the parties’ briefs, and hearing oral arguments by the attorney’s, on February 26, 2014, the District Court Judge granted Davis|Stibor’s Motion dismissing the Plaintiff’s entire case against its client.  

The dismissal saved our client tens of thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential damages.  Davis|Stibor works feverishly to obtain phenomenal results for its clients.  When our competition is sleeping, we are working and thinking about how to win the case.  And, unlike many of our competitors, Davis|Stibor’s bills don’t shock the conscience.  Our philosophy is simple: your business should use its profits to expand and improve its services, not to pay excessive attorney’s fees.  

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