Davis|Stibor Obtains Complete Dismissal of Complaint Against Internet Company and its President

Davis|Stibor was retained to represent an internet company and its president after they were sued for breach of contract and fraud.  The internet company was incorporated in Minnesota, and the president was a resident of Minnesota, who rarely visited the state of Nevada.  After the complaint was filed, Davis|Stibor filed a motion to quash service of process, and requested dismissal of the complaint arguing that Nevada did not have jurisdiction over the defendants.  After receiving the motion, the plaintiff stipulated to dismiss the company, and during the hearing on the motion to quash, the plaintiff admitted that she would need to conduct discovery to determine whether the president of the company had sufficient contacts with Nevada for jurisdiction to exist.  The judge gave the plaintiff 90 days to conduct jurisdictional discovery.  

After the 90 days expired, the plaintiff was unable to prove that the president of the company had sufficient contacts with Nevada for the court to exercise jurisdiction over him.  The court granted Davis|Stibor’s motion to quash, and dismissed the case with prejudice against the defendants.  The dismissal saved Davis|Stibor’s clients tens of thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees, and brought the case to a rapid end.   

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