Intellectual Property Litigation

Our intellectual property litigation practice covers intellectual property, including trademarks and copyrights, the protection of trade secrets, and the unfair competition and antitrust issues that so frequently involved in intellectual property matters.  Our attorneys also handle disputes with intellectual property overtones, such as disputes regarding licensing, the transfer of intellectual property rights, or technology-related transactions.  Our attorneys have particular experience in cases involving copyrights and trade secrets for construction companies and the construction industry.  We recently obtained a rarely granted temporary restraining order on behalf of our client Morris Shea Bridge Company, Inc. preventing a multinational contracting company from using its foundation design for the construction of an $800 million solar plant in Laughlin, Nevada.

Our transactional attorneys routinely represent media and internet companies in trademark and copyright licensing, and we understand how valuable intellectual property affects all American businesses.  We understand that immediate action in intellectual property cases is necessary in order to preserve your intellectual property, and to stop the dissemination of your company’s trade secrets to third-parties.  When your intellectual property rights are infringed, or your trade secrets are stolen, Davis|Stibor will vehemently protect your company’s rights from the initial cease-and-desist letter through trial if necessary.