Plaintiffs’ Litigation

Davis|Stibor is not a personal injury law firm.  We only represent plaintiffs who have been seriously injured by corporations that place defective and unsafe products into the stream of commerce, and against insurance companies who have denied legitimate claims in bad faith.  When plaintiffs are seriously injured or killed, their lives and the lives of their families change dramatically.  In many instances they are deprived of the ability to work, and often times need long terms assistance and medical care.  We are not afraid to hold large corporations responsible for their wrongful acts.

Manufacturers, distributors and retailers are responsible for the safety of the products they sell to consumers.  When products prove to be unsafe, and when they injure consumers, those responsible can be sued for product liability.  Products must be appropriately labeled to warn consumers of the dangers they pose.  When a corporation rushes a product into the stream of commerce, often times it turns out that the manufacturer knew the product was dangerous.  Our attorneys work diligently to investigate and expose defects, then aggressively pursue the manufacturer to obtain justice and compensation for our clients.

When insurance companies sell policies, they make promises and assurances about what the company will do for you when you need them.  They know how to sell the policy and collect premiums, but they sometimes fail when it is time to deliver on the policy’s assurances.  This is insurance bad faith.  The purpose of an insurance policy is to provide the insured with peace of mind, and to provide compensation and coverage when there is a loss or injury.  The attorneys at Davis|Stibor have experience holding insurance companies accountable when they fail to pay, or deny a claim without conducting a proper investigation and considering all relevant facts.