Intellectual Property

One of our areas of expertise is intellectual property licensing, which assists our clients by identifying and protecting their intellectual property assets (copyright and trademark) from registration through commercialization. Our practice ranges from working with our clients to realize value and expand market awareness by licensing of intellectual property rights and serving client needs in financing, acquiring and selling copyright and trademark assets. In addition, the firm has been involved in “private label” licensing projects involving retailers. We assist clients to develop and implement programs and internal policies that will effectively protect your intellectual property assets.


We have experience in matters ranging from licensing to transfers of intellectual property assets such as copyrights and trademarks. Our contract drafting and negotiation include marketing and distribution agreements, including co-marketing, branding, sales representative, reseller, and referral agreements, strategic partnership and joint venture agreements, professional services and consulting agreements, web site terms of use and privacy policies. Additionally, we represent creators and public figures regarding privacy and publicity rights; acquisition and transfer of technologies and intangible assets; multimedia licensing, merchandising, and publishing; talent clearances and endorsements.


We regularly advise and guide our clients on the advantages of copyright and trademark registration, and assist with preparing specimen samples and filing registration applications. We have secured copyrights and trademark for materials ranging from a simple brochure to motion picture screenplays, music to software program source code. Once a copyright registration is obtained, we work with our clients to monitor their rights and to protect them against infringement. We obtain copyright clearance, clarify fair use of applicable works, and work with employers to develop policies, consulting agreements, or confidentiality agreements regarding employee creations and dissemination of copyrighted works and trade secrets within the workplace. We help our clients secure and protect their intellectual property, trade secrets and knowledge capital by assisting with employee matters from hiring to retirement, including employment agreements, non-competition covenants and nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements, consulting and management agreements, and research and development agreements.

Digital Media

We anticipate, analyze, and address the legal issues involved as clients employ and adapt traditional and emerging technologies. Whether clients require assistance in the creation, management, distribution, and protection of online content or in managing the risks and maximizing the promises of ubiquitous computing, we assist with content licensing, development and protection; online content, management and distribution; and television, online, mobile, and new technology programming rights.