LEGION legal

Davis|Stibor provides superior legal services for a fraction of the price.  How do we do this?  Davis|Stibor uses only experienced attorneys who have previously worked as in-house counsel, or for regional or international law firms.  Our firm is not forced to charge clients exorbitant hourly rates because we cut out traditional law firm overhead including lavish office space and extensive support staff.  We believe the legal landscape has changed, and in order for small and medium-size companies to compete with large companies, they need the same quality legal services.  This is what Davis|Stibor provides. 

Traditional law firms build lavish offices that house an army of attorney and non-professional support staff.  Clients often have to manoeuvre through several levels of support staff before speaking with their attorney.  These lavish offices and bureaucracy cost the clients whom the law firm serves money, and most importantly, time.  Legion Legal bridges this gap.  Legion Legal employs experienced contract attorneys who provide unparalleled legal work for a fraction of the price.  Unlike a traditional firm that uses in-house associate attorneys, partners and of-counsel, and several layers of support staff, our contract attorneys work remotely.  We then pass the savings onto the clients.