Plaintiff’s Trade Secret Case Reduced to Rubble

After more than 2 years of litigation, and after discovery had closed, Davis|Stibor was retained to represent United Home Health Care, LLC in a trade secret dispute regarding the alleged misappropriation of patients and patient information.  The Plaintiff alleged that Davis|Stibor’s client misappropriated its trade secrets by hiring its former employees, who had access to its patient lists, and then recruiting the patients for a profit. 

After discovery closed, one of the co-defendants filed a motion for summary judgment arguing that Plaintiff failed to produce enough evidence to prove its damages.  Rather than spending thousands of dollars to file a parallel motion for summary judgment, Davis|Stibor held-off pending the court’s ruling on co-defendant’s motion for summary judgment.  After hearing arguments from all parties, including those of Davis|Stibor, the district court granted co-defendant’s motion for summary judgment.

Davis|Stibor’s strategy worked, a few days later, Davis|Stibor secured a settlement on behalf of United Home Health Care, LLC for less than 1% of the Plaintiff’s claimed damages without having to spend thousands of additional dollars filing and arguing a separate motion for summary judgment.    

Davis|Stibor provides effective, cost efficient representation to its clients.  Our philosophy is to prevail, but to avoid incurring unnecessary and expensive billable hours.  

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