General Counsel Membership

We develop long-term relationships with our clients as like-minded entrepreneurs. We represent clients from startups to established private businesses seeking a legal partner aligned with the management team’s budget and legal needs. Early stage businesses typically cannot afford unpredictable legal costs on an hourly basis, rather they desire counsel who can work through routine matters and documentation efficiently based upon a fixed budgeted amount.

Our firm handles a wide range of project based legal matters on a monthly fixed-fee basis through our recurring membership plan. Under our membership plan, we will serve as your outside general counsel at a fixed monthly cost. Below is a summary of common membership services. Every client is unique, so after we complete our review, we prepare a customized onboarding proposal and monthly plan that satisfies client’s needs.

General counsel legal matters may include:
  • general legal counseling
  • maintenance of corporate records
  • telephone calls and general consultation on legal and business issues
  • telephone calls and general consultation on legal and business issues
  • serving as your liaison to outside professionals working on specified legal matters
  • drafting and revising corporate documents and operating agreements
  • advising on general employment, management and shareholder matters
  • formation of business entities (excluding filing fees and costs)
  • negotiating commercial agreements, licenses or related contracts

Our office will provide a formal proposal setting forth the monthly fee.